June 22, 2006

Summer solstice celebration

This morning's Ithaca Journal visits the Foundation of Light for yesterday's summer solstice celebration at the stone circle, talking about how their "own little Stonehenge" works,

It also looks like Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton will have a challenger this year, Republican Jim Rohan of Ulysses.

On the opinion page, Avery E. Park Jr. writes an open letter on immigration to President Bush, writing that "All the citizens I know want America to maintain its old fashion integrity... Mr. President, why is it you don't sense the very realistic fears of your people's thinking that America is being attacked and being taken over by an unarmed enemy."

Also, on the opinon page is one of the best editorial titles I've seen in a long time: State tax rebate: Keep the money and buy a clue. I also love the content, which explores how the state legislature seems intent on distracting voters from Albany's real problems by handing out cash.

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