July 31, 2006

Finding local food

This morning's Ithaca Journal cites Mike Ludgate, of Ludgate Farms on Hanshaw Road, in an article on Local Foods Week. Most of their produce right now is local:

At this time of year, about 90 percent of the produce Ludgate Farms sells comes from within a 50-mile radius of Ithaca, Ludgate said. The farm also home-grows a small percentage of its fruits and vegetables for sale, he said.

Personally, I'm enjoying the lettuce mixes from Finger Lakes Fresh, just down the road on 13. (Ludgate carries them, and so do a number of other local stores.

In county news, the county legislature will have a public hearing on a real estate transfer tax tomorrow night at 5:30pm.

At the state level, Jay Gallagher reviews last week's debate between the Democratic candidates for governor.

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