July 5, 2006

Intergenerational music, summer music

I've been trying to get a lot of household projects done this week and haven't been quite up to speed with this site. I should at least catch up with today's paper...

Cathy Wakeman reports on the Intergenerational Summer Band and Chorus, a joint Dryden-Groton project which has just started rehearsal and will be performing in August. She also reports on the Music in the Park events coming this summer. The cup I got at the first one lists the summer's performances:

Update: All of the remaining concerts are in Montgomery Park, in the Village of Dryden.

The Journal's editorial chides NYSEG for leaving responsibility with customers for sorting out NYSEG's billing error. Update: The Journal since noted that NYSEG apparently finally mailed customers about the billing issues, so a lot of customers received notice the day the editorial was published.

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Dave said:

Hey Simon, Is there a music in the park location / venue / time schedule?

Nice list of artists and websites...


Oops - yes, these should all be in Montgomery Park, in the Village of Dryden behind the Dryden Hotel.