July 21, 2006

Local fast food?

I was happy to see Dunkin' Donuts come to Dryden, but I've had more thoughts on fast food recently. I found a chain, Burgerville (warning: site seems to be all Flash-based, or try this), which "prides itself in using the best and the freshest local ingredients."

It's a burger joint, certainly. The prices are fast food, the style is fast food - maybe a little slower - and yet they use real ingredients, produced in the Northwest. (It tastes good too.)

Why isn't there anything like that in the Northeast? We produce beef, bread, potatoes, cheese, fresh vegetables, and a lot more. I think people might even like it. Heck, we could make much of that in Dryden alone.

And no, it's not a complete solution to the woes of the world, but it's fascinating to see a business I'd seen as always hunting for low-cost embracing the notion of buying locally.

Posted by simon at July 21, 2006 1:34 PM in
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