July 12, 2006

TCAT lowering outer zone fares

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that TCAT will be abolishing the zone distinction for its fares on August 20th, making it cheaper to get from Ithaca to Dryden and vice-versa. They expect it will cost some revenue, but should increase ridership and the state aid that comes with it.

There's an article on organic dairy farming in Groton that seems relevant to Dryden as well, where I've heard of a number of farms making the transition. There's also a piece on a tour of Tompkins County farms by Kentucky visitors, which notes one of those, Dryden's Jerry Dell Farm, which "was one of the first dairy farms in the county to go organic."

On the opinion page, Marcello Tino of Freeville writes that the "partnership of big business and government was dangerous during the Fascist era, and it is dangerous, now."

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