August 24, 2006

Electric delivery rates to fall; rebate

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that the New York Public Service Commission rejected NYSEG's proposals for electric delivery rates hikes and instead ordered a reduction and a rebate:

The state Public Service Commission ruled unanimously that the Binghamton-based utility has to cut its delivery rates by $36.2 million starting in January and also send out $77 million in refunds to its customers. The size of the refund checks for individual customers hasn't been determined yet, commission officials said.

Before you get too excited, remember that delivery is currently only 40% of a typical electric bill and that prices of the power itself are more likely to fluctuate, probably up. NYSEG, of course, is still howling about this, though I have to wonder what they're raking in when they're still selling power, and "The commission also decided that the profit margin on the electricity NYSEG sells should be cut from 35 percent to 17.5 percent."

The Journal also reports in Briefly in Tompkins that the Town Board approved a contract for Town Hall construction, and that the Village of Dryden received $400,000 in federal aid for housing rehabilitation.

The Monitor reports that a Dryden man was arrested for trying to rob a TC3 student at knifepoint.

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