August 29, 2006

More from Human Events on Meier

I mentioned earlier that Human Events had posted an article celebrating how much more conservative Ray Meier is than the current Congressman, Sherwood Boehlert. Now they've devoted an article to Meier's conservatism:

A "Rep. Ray Meier (R.-N.Y.)" will also be a large upgrade for conservatives. While Boehlert (lifetime American Conservative Union rating: 40%) was at best a middle-of-the road Republican ("Don’t call me a liberal!" he’d growl with a wink), the 52-year-old, former Oneida County Executive and State Sen. Meier is a good-as-Goldwater conservative. There are numerous votes one could point to - including on abortion, on which Meier stands foursquare for life - on which a Meier instead of a Boehlert in Congress would make a difference for conservatives.

I guess Meier won't be running as a moderate Republican, despite the changing demographics of the district or the general state of politics this year.

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