August 14, 2006

TC3 surveying transfer graduates

This morning's Journal reports that TC3 professor Joe Cambridge is looking for TC3 alumni to survey about their experiences moving from TC3 to four-year colleges. The article talks with a 2006 TC3 grad on her way to a four-year school:

The savings and convenience motivated Tiffany Volkert, a Dryden native, to spend her first two years of college at TC3. She graduated this year and will transfer in the fall to St. John Fisher College, a private school in Rochester.

"I'm pretty prepared," said Volkert, who commuted to TC3 and worked off campus while fulfilling prerequisites for a major in business management. "Going to TC3, you have to be pretty independent."

The print edition of the Journal reports on the state's "let's make sure voters notice us and vote for us - but not solve any actual problems" project, the legislature's tax rebate checks. Homeowners can expect them between late September and late October. In the Dryden school district, those with a basic STAR exemption will see $199.08, and $332.46 for those with a senior exemption. In the Ithaca district, a basic STAR exemption yields $170.55 while a senior exemption gets $284.42.

Enjoy the cash, but remember that this is the legislature's option for not actually changing any structures while ensuring that a large number of likely voters receive checks shortly before the election. It's a special New York absurdity, one that complements the tangle of our energy policy very nicely.

Finally, today is not a good day to take Thomas Road from Ellis Hollow to Route 79. The Caroline Highway Department is replace a culvert.

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KAZ said:

Re: the givebacks--Don't miss the Syracuse P-S front page story Sunday, which points out how much these givebacks will cost the taxpayers. . . .