September 20, 2006

Housing, budget

I'm behind on, well, everything, lately, but here's what the Journal's reported this week.

On Monday, they reported that the Tompkins County housing market is steady, with the median price of a home sold January-June climbing from $150,000 in 2004 to $174,000 in 2006. They also reported that the County Legislature would be discussing proposed budget cuts.

Tuesday's editorial started by discussing Mike Lane's concession last November, but goes on to talk about the shape of the county budget and the choices ahead. If the Journal is trying to warn legislators that they might lose based on those choices, it seems like they might be smarter to say so than to start with a graceful concession and then dive into the budget pain. There's also a letter from former Dryden legislative candidate W. David Restey on the low turnout for the Republican primary.

The big news in today's Journal is weather: the rainiest summer on record helped and hurt crops, and an emerging El Niño will affect weather patterns this winter.

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