September 18, 2006

Surprise gift at Varna church

Saturday's Darts and Laurels tells of a wonderful surprise for the Varna United Methodist Church:

LAUREL: From Alice Humerez, lay leader of the Varna Methodist Church. On Aug. 26, our little Methodist Church in Varna had a chicken barbecue. You and your two teenage daughters stopped early, after visiting friends at Cornell, and we invited you in to have your dinners. When you left you asked how much the dinners were and we told you $21. You paid and left in a hurry and after you had left we realized that you had given us $500. Sir, you walked into our church as a man concerned with the reasons we were having the dinner, but you walked out an angel without your letting us know even your name. As you must have seen, we struggle to keep our church open and right now we have many projects that need to be finished before the snow sets in: a bathroom that has needed remodeling for years and a chimney that is near to falling down. The $500 you donated to our church will definitely go toward all the work we need to do. How can we say thank you for such a generous donation? From the "Apples of Gold" we send this message to you and all who are generous in their giving: "The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen nor touched, but are felt in the heart." Thank you so very much.

I hope the anonymous donor enjoyed his chicken, as what he gave will have a lasting effect on a lot of people.

The History Center also gives a Laurel to those who helped with its Eight Square Schoolhouse Festival. Also on the opinion page, Chris Bell of Freeville writes on the role of churches in the gay marriage debate.

There's an update on the bicycle suitability map project, and more details on the Ithaca schools' proposed bond project.

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