September 8, 2006

Thanking Gadabout

This morning's Ithaca Journal editorial recognizes Gadabout, the local bus system that "provides on-request, door-to-door transportation services to elderly and disabled residents of Tompkins County." The editorial encourages readers to donate to support this - "as we swell with pride, maybe a few extra dollars can fall Gadabout's way."

In The Monitor, there's a Dryden DWI and an arrest for rape of a minor that was arraigned in Dryden Town Court. (No address is given for the defendant.)

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JS said:

Thank you for doing this, your work is appreciated!

NYCO said:

Speaking of Tompkins County and transportation: I heard recently that Ithaca is developing some sort of walking trail system. Do you know anything about that? I was curious as to how they're going to light these trails, or otherwise make users feel safe.