October 19, 2006

Changes to Dryden Village Trustees

I haven't seen this in the paper, and it's not yet on their web site, but apparently Village of Dryden Trustee and Deputy Mayor Mark Strom has resigned. Mayor Reba Taylor has appointed Republican Randy Sterling, who came up short in the last election, to be a trustee, and appointed Trustee Bob Witty to be Deputy Mayor.

That's a lot of change to have happen quietly.

Posted by simon at October 19, 2006 9:17 AM in
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Cathy Wakeman said:

Hi Simon-

Just thought I'd point out that all of these changes happened at a public meeting. It's not like anyone's trying to hide anything.

Cathy Wakeman

It's good that they happened at a public meeting - I think they have to - but my main concern is that this was still a much less open process than we see at the Town level or in the Dryden School District. The latter, I think, does an excellent job of advertising openings, and the Town's process involved interviewing a number of people.

I guess I'm saying that openness is more than presenting decisions at a public meeting.

KAZ said:

Mayor Taylor even said on WHCU that "Randy was the first guy I called" when Mark announced his resignation.

Um, why did she call ANYONE?

Simon's quite right--other civic entities post vacancies. The school board is a good example, and you know I don't always agree with how they handle things. It's the democratic (small d) way.

Imagine Carolyn Peterson pulling something like this! They'd have her head on a pike.