November 1, 2006

Comparing candidates

This morning's Ithaca Journal also offers a "Meet the Dryden Town Board Candidates" article talking with Democrat David Makar and Republican Dan Tier. They explore issues from emergency services to community centers to commercial development.

There's more comparison on the opinion page, though I'm afraid that the tone and facts of some of the Republican letters are crossing some unfortunate lines. The worst of them is from Thomas Quinn of Freeville, which talks about how "Makar's idea of having full-time professional fire departments would result in a significant tax increase."

Sorry, but that's just plain false. David Makar talks regularly about the need to support our volunteer fire departments to avoid having full-time fire departments with their significant increase. The cost comparisons are obviously ugly, and worth emphasizing. Then, Quinn's conclusion that "Mostly, I am uncomfortable with a potential board member whose constituency seems to be from Ithaca," is nearly as cheerful, ignoring the large number of letters for Makar with Dryden addresses. (And perhaps Quinn would prefer to forget that many Town of Dryden residents have Ithaca mailing addresses?)

Patricia Quinn of Freeville writes a nicer letter than Thomas Quinn supporting Dan Tier, though she cites improving DSL availability - courtesy of Verizon or Frontier, not thanks to the town board - as a reason to support him.

Joyce Day of Dryden writes a letter supporting Tier which focuses on his skills and experience.

Finally, a notoriously cranky Dryden resident writes to endorse Makar:

Dryden is growing, and growth is bringing new challenges. We need town board members with energy, with a strong sense of community, and with financial experience. Makar brings all of those things and is ready to help build our community.

Yes, that cranky Dryden resident would be me.

Martha Ferger of Dryden writes to endorse Mike Arcuri for Congress.

For more candidate comparison fun, the opinion page of today's Journal has the sheriff's candidates answering what they would have done differently in the last two terms, with answers from Peter Meskill, Brian Robison, and Tim Little.

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