November 2, 2006

Examining Old 13

Last night's information meeting on the Route 13 & 366 Corridor Management Study was interesting, though I'm not sure how much was accomplished. It started with an overview of the objectives for the study, which echoed the invitation's emphasis on land use guidelines. (The study area includes Route 366 through Varna to the intersection with 366, then continues through the Village of Dryden on 13 and north to the Cortland County line on 13.)

Tompkins County Planning Commissioner introduced the session to a well-filled room, which was then led by Fisher Associates, the consultants preparing the report. They also introduced the advisory committee.

County Planning Commissioner Ed Marx introduces the session
County Planning Commissioner Ed Marx introduces the session.

After the introduction to the goals and the process, the crowd worked through an exercise rating lots of different buildings and complex for their layout, architecture, and general appealingness - though not their contents. There were three very different Burger Kings, for instance, some more appealing than others. In general I think I rated attractiveness as "less asphalt" - it's incredible how unattractive roads and parking lots are when you look at them.

After some discussion of the rated pictures, the crowd broke down into four groups with maps to review a wide variety of questions as they applied specifically to the study area.

Breaking into small groups around maps
Breaking into small groups around maps to discuss the area.

My group spent most of its twenty minutes on the safety hazards of the route, never really getting to land use or other preferred outcomes, but they did have a comment form for making suggestions later. As former County Legislator (and advisory board member) Mike Lane said, twenty minutes isn't nearly enough time.

It sounds like there will be at least one more public meeting before the report is delivered to the county, town, and village, and many steps between that delivery and any actual implementation. I'll report as I hear of anything developing.

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