November 11, 2006

Holiday box donations needed

This morning, the Ithaca Journal reports that the Dryden American Legion Auxiliary is collecting boxes and cash for postage for its Home of the Brave Gift Box Drive:

In addition to cash donations, the auxiliary accepts completed shoeboxes and contents for the boxes. Recommended items include: baby wipes, lip balm, toothbrush covers, aloe vera lotion, shavers, cotton swabs, socks and deodorant.

Nonperishable food items such as beef jerky, chips in cans, chocolates, and individual drink mixes (hot and cold) are also welcome. Some servicemen and women have asked for magazines, puzzle books, Nerf balls, playing cards, sealable plastic bags, CDs and DVDs....

Drop off completed boxes or individual items at the Dryden Veterans Memorial Home Route 13, Dryden, during regular business hours.

The print edition of the paper notes that the Varna Methodist Church will be serving a lasagna dinner tonight. It's $7 for adults and $3.50 for children under 12.

The Salvation Army hopes to raise $70,000 in Tompkins County over the next few months.

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