November 6, 2006

Shopping spree, candidates

I never got to cover Friday's Ithaca Journal, which included a heartwarming story of a Cortland man's shopping spree for the Dryden Kitchen Cupboard. Dennis Wright won the spree - at Clark's Food Mart - from Dryden Rotary. Kitchen Cupboard got $299.36 worth of groceries, and Clark's gave a 10% discount.

Friday's opinion page included concluding letters from Dryden Town Board candidates David Makar and Dan Tier, Sheriff's candidates Tim Little, Peter Meskill, and Brian Robison, and Assembly candidates Barbara Lifton and Jim Rohan. Saturday, they published letters from Supreme Court Justice candidate Dennis McDermott and Etna resident and Congressional candidate Mike Sylvia

The Journal endorsed Peter Meskill for Sheriff Friday, and declined to endorse in the Assembly race Saturday.

Between Friday and Saturday the Journal writes about Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton defending a letter she wrote for Sheriff Peter Meskill challenging the value of voting for Tim Little, and then apologizing. (Unfortunately I recycled the copy of the letter I got without examining it closely, but the Journal has the letter.)

Saturday also had an extended article on former District Attorney George Dentes, who passed away Tuesday morning.

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