December 20, 2006

Life with cancer

There's actually so much Dryden news today that picking a headline was hard, but a new column on the front page gets it: Dryden resident Barbara Lang writes about her experiences with colon cancer, in what will be a monthly series of articles.

Cathy Wakeman's Dryden Town Talk examines progress on a skate park in Montgomery Park in the Village of Dryden. Wakeman starts with the sad beginning of the story:

In June of 2005, two improbable events occurred. First, on June 12, a local teenager addressed the village mayor with a feasible plan for change in our town's recreation program. He was willing to coordinate a group of young people and work with various industries and businesses to accomplish this project. In a more stunning event, he lost his life two days later.

Thanks to donations and a lot of work, the skate park should be reality this spring.

Vanguard Printing, formerly Wilcox Press, reports that they expect steady employment after their being taken over.

Wilcox Press sign in transition
Wilcox Press sign in transition.

There was a county-wide drug sweep that arrested 27 people, including one from Dryden and one from Freeville.

I get to agree completely with the Journal's perspective on shrouded state member items. They forget to mention that these things are paid for with borrowed money, to add injury to insult. Oh, and in nice timing, they note an FBI probe of State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno over a separate issue.

And in the Ithaca school district, the board has tentatively picked $56 million in projects for a proposed bond, and will be a releasing a report on equity in the schools.

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