December 9, 2006

Senatorial pork

This morning's Journal is light on Dryden news, but there's an article on the money that state senators have been doling out from their share of borrowed pork. Unfortunately it's only in the print edition, and doesn't list pork for James Seward in any case. (Update: it seems to be online now, though there's still no detail of what Seward did with his $2.08 million.)

There's an article on Drug Court graduation, and one on the Ithaca Schools' efforts to reduce the costs of projects being included in a bond. (Playgrounds are looking extra-expensive.)

Carol Kammen looks back on farming in Tompkins County, noting that:

By 1910 the towns of Danby, Enfield, and Newfield had lost more than half their population, which had reached its peak in 1830. Caroline, Dryden and Lansing, over the period from 1830 to 1910 lost nearly half their population.

Most of the forests around here used to be farms.

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