December 11, 2006

Sim Redmond teaches Dryden Middle School

This week's Dryden Courier watches the Sim Redmond Band perform a workshop with middle school students, exploring music and song writing. Also on the front page is a picture from the dress rehearsal of "The Nutcracker" at Dryden Elementary, which they performed last week, and an article on the Dryden schools' EXCELL grant money from the state.

Inside there's an article on bridge rehabilitation in Forest Home, just to the west of the Dryden-Ithaca line, and an editorial called "Put a Little Trust in Wind". I'll talk more later here about how I'd like to see residents use wind power, but I don't think I can join their enthusiasm for wind power at larger scales.

The 4-H Tompkins County Achievement Night recognized a lot of Freeville 4-H members, including Carrie Lampman, Sharon Lampman, Carrie Lampman, Jason Ruoff, Jesse Ruoff, Rachel Ashodwn, Marissa Ramos, Paige Yolman, Olivia Ramos, and Sean Gnau.

The police log contains an intriguing typo - an "inspired inspection". Either that's supposed to be "expired" or the inspector was very creative.

In Anecdotes and Brevities, Harry Weldon explores the old Bridle Road's path through Dryden, while Matt Cooper's Inside Dryden focuses on the Dryden school issues noted above and the holiday decorations. (There's a picture of the house on Route 13 with the lavish Christmas lights and figures.)

In sports, there's a report on Dryden wrestling's defeat of Lansing, as well as a a Dryden loss in basketball. Dryden diver Tara Brenner is the female Athlete of the Week.

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