January 9, 2007

Arrests in home invasion

The news in Dryden in 2007 has not been too good. Today's Ithaca Journal reports on a home-invasion robbery and related puppy theft. The invasion was on Lake Street in the Village of Dryden, and the puppy theft on Harbor Circle off Hanshaw Road. The home-invasion sounds like an attempt to rob someone the perpetrators thought was a drug dealer (who apparently didn't have much), and the puppies were pit bulls. Three adults and a minor were arrested.

The three-year-old boy assaulted last week is expected to live, and District Attorney Gwen Wilikinson plans to present the case to a grand jury at the end of the month.

98% of core classes in the Dryden and Ithaca school districts are taught by highly qualified teachers, though George Junior Republic stands out with only 76%.

Update: I missed this bit in the Monitor: a 17-year-old Dryden man was charged with selling copies of Girls Gone Wild DVDs to minors.

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