January 23, 2007

Art Berkey, filling boxes

Sometimes when I write this site from the online version of the Journal rather than the print version, I miss a story. Looking at today's copy, it's clear I missed a story, one about someone I know and work with every second Sunday at the Varna Community Center's pancake breakfast: Art Berkey.

The Journal profiles Berkey's work assembling boxes at the Brooktondale Food Pantry, but the Ellis Hollow resident also volunteers (with his wife Gladys) at the Varna Community Association, where he's a member of the board. I've seen him regularly at Town Board meetings, patiently talking about issues from community centers to water problems. He's been working Election Day as an inspector for the last couple of years as well. I'm personally lucky to have bought some of the tools he refurbishes, including an axe and a brace and bit. The Journal also notes his sixteen years on the Ithaca City School Board.

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