January 22, 2007

Child abuse

There isn't much on Dryden in today's Journal, but Craig Cook of Brooktondale writes to say that he hopes "that people will start opening their eyes to the fact that there is a serious problem not only in this area but nationwide with child abuse" instead of "the other politically correct issues this area seems to focus on time and again." Given that last year we elected a District Attorney who pledged to put these crimes at the top of her agenda, it seems possible that the county is already headed that direction.

In state news, Jay Gallagher writes of the short honeymoon between Governor Spitzer and State Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno. I'm not sure why that's particularly surprising, given that the two of them appear to have nearly opposite views of how government should operate and for who.

And apparently whoever becomes the next comptroller has more money to manage than anyone else.

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