January 24, 2007

Jim Seward now second to Joe Bruno in Senate

Update - Or not: see the comments.

This evening's Cortland Standard reports that State Senator Jim Seward, who represents a strangely-shaped district stretching from Dryden to the Hudson River and up to Old Forge, "has been elevated to the No. 2 Republican leadership position in the Senate, where he will serve as majority whip."

Seward's press release is pretty brief.

I wonder if this gives Seward a shot at becoming Majority Leader if the various scandals around Joe Bruno finally force his resignation, or if it places him too close to the contamination.

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teaparty2 said:

The Cortland Standard got this wrong. Seward's appointment as Majority Whip doesn't make him #2 in the State Senate Majority Conference. Based on the dollar amount of the stipend attached to the various leadership posts (see NYS Legislative Law Sec. 5-A), there are eight Senators between him and Joe Bruno.

FWIW, I informed the reporter about this mistake, and he attributed it to a poli-sci prof at Cortland State.