January 18, 2007

North Road man arrested

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that a 51-year-old North Road man was arrested for first-degree sexual abuse, "alleged to have forcibly touched a female in a sexual way without her consent" on Tuesday.

An article on a cancelled Trumansburg skate park notes that the Village of Trumansburg will talk with Dryden about the approach the Town and Village of Dryden took toward creating its skatepark, which should open later this year.

Carolyn Montague's Lansing Town Talk column visits with Tom Todd, a former Dryden Town Supervisor who moved to Lansing over thirty years ago. Todd is now preparing to retire after decades of egg farming. She notes that:

Listening to Tom remembering the years past is a class history lesson. He talked about paying $16,000 for a five-story chicken house, 125 acres of land and a 13-room house in Dryden back in 1957. Try to find something comparable today! His caged chicken layer house in Dryden was the first one in the area.

(Todd spoke at the Dryden Town Historical Society's "Cluck and Crow" presentation last year as well.)

On the opinion page, Mac Larsen of Dryden writes a guest column on why we should support the UN. Elizabeth Morano of Freeville wants the President and Vice-President impeached if they won't resign.

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Mary Ann said:

The Journal article leaves the impression that the three recent sexual abuse arrests are part of a growing sexual abuse problem. In fact, the recent arrests reflect District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson's determination to arrest and prosecute sex offenders, particularly in child abuse cases. Prior to Wilkinson's election, no arrests or charges would have been made in some of these cases.