February 13, 2007

Snow on the way

It's not the eleven feet of snow further north, but a real storm looks likely to hit Tompkins County tonight and tomorrow. Heavy snow, freezing temperatures, and plenty of wind are on their way.

Beyond the Lifton explanation of her comptroller vote, there are a number of county and state stories worth mentioning here. Room tax revenues are up for the county, and more hotels have opened, suggesting that more is yet to come. Nursing homes in the county face cuts in Spitzer's budget, with five nursing homes in Tompkins County losing about $1.5 million. (I can't tell from the article if any of that is to do with closing Lakeside.)

Update: I forgot the Journal's editorial, which examines what it considers the too-light sentence for former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, concluding on a level of outrage that I don't think I've seen at the Journal recently.

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NYCO said:

Yeesh, that Ithaca Journal editorial is just UGLY. (and I say that as someone who was firm that Hevesi needed to be gone)