February 24, 2007

Two up for two seats in Freeville

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that two incumbent Village trustees are up for re-election in Freeville's non-partisan races. Rachel Dickinson and Lloyd Purdy (appointed to replace the late former Mayor Thomas Lyson) of the Citizens Party face no opponents in the March 20th race.

In Darts and Laurels, Dryden resident Millie Norton thanks everyone who participated in the Salvation Army kettle drive held at Clark's. The SPCA thanks Pyramid Mall for hosting their pet adoption, which sent 128 pets from their Hanshaw Road facility to new homes.

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Mr. & Mrs. Robert Washburn said:

Freeville residents very angry with the Village of Freeville.
We have owned a home in Freeville for 15 years. In that 15 years we have never had any problems like we are having now. We have contacted the Freeville Mayor and and Pat who works for the village of Freeville. The village changed the drainage on our street about two years ago and ever since then all the water runs into our yard. Our yard has been flooded with about 12-14" of water for about two years. It has killed trees, bushes grass & flower beds. We have contacted the village time and time again to fix the drainage on our street and they refuse to do it. They have gone as far as to tell us we have "BEAVERS" WHAT DO BEAVERS have to do with the ditches not draining. The last I looked I do not see any beavers in the drainage ditches. We are very close to consulting a laywer to sew if this problem is not taken care of. We have been very calm and patient for the last two year of the Village doing nothing. How long do we have to wait for a problem that is fairly simple to fix (dig the ditches so they drain!!)? We used to have a beautiful lawn and for the last two summers it has looked like crap. We are very unhappy with the job our Village is doing and how they treat and ignor their taxpayers. I am hoping writing to this help put some attention on this matter and helps us get this problem fixed. Not to mention we have well water that all the street water that is in our yard in most likely draining down into our well after two years. This is a serious matter that the Village is ignoring!!