March 12, 2007

Dryden accomplishments; sewer plant questions

This week's issue of the Dryden Courier arrived in better time than last week's, and if you read this today or tomorrow and want to find out more about an article the paper will still be available in stores.

The front page focuses on the achievements of a Dryden High School graduate and a Dryden High School senior. Bryn Carr is heading up a genetics laboratory in the United Kingdom, but comes back to Dryden once in a while. Senior Amanda Ashman won a gold key for a self portrait in the Scholastic Art Competition, and will be attending Nazareth College to study arts education in the fall. (The painting is reprinted in the Courier on page 17.)

On the opinion page, Mike Lane writes an editorial about the need to rebuild the Village of Dryden Sewer plant, the challenges facing the project, and one path that that might distribute the cost: working together with Freeville and the Town of Dryden:

The three municipalities should come together now and plan for a new plant that is large enough to accomodate all three entities. Will it delay matters? Some, but it needs to be done right. Otherwise this year's 22 percent increase in Dryden's rates will be only the tip of the iceberg as to what homeowners will soon be asked to pay. And if the recent past is any example, the public will be the last to know what unpleasantness is in store for it until it is way to late, and the bills are in the mail.

In sports, Lindsey McCutcheon placed 13th in the Section IV state track meet triple jump and 14th in the long jump, while Matt Trevits came in 19th in the 300 meter race. Dryden wrestler Rex Hollenbeck and Tony Clark also attended a state wrestling tournament.

Reporter Matt Cooper's Inside Dryden column visits Freeville's unopposed elections for Village Trustee, the Southworth Library's weekly story hours and adult book club, the food pantry at the McLean church, and the upcoming Dryden High School musical "State Fair", which will be March 15th, 16th, and 17th.

Harry Weldon's Anecdotes and Brevities column looks at the empty storefronts at the four corners in the Village of Dryden and reflects on their past, including the one-time challenge to Dryden from Willow Glen, up the hill. He also visits the Southworth Library, pointing out a full-size bald eagle carved by Jansen Miller, a violin-maker who worked on East Main Street.

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