March 30, 2007

Dryden police calls up

This week's Dryden Courier leads with the news that Dryden Village Police responded to 1800 calls last year, around five per day. The article cites traffic flow as a cause, though it doesn't say if 'calls' includes traffic stops. Crime is also up, though, moving from 40 part 1 (serious) crimes in 2005 to 58 in 2006. Central New York generally seems to be seeing an increase. In the closing, Dryden Mayor Reba Taylor seems to argue that the problems are non-residents (and public transit?):

"We're right on the TCAT bus routes," she said. "We get a lot of transients and drug traffic coming right through the village.

Also on the front page, Dryden schools are working toward a budget, with some controversy over a proposed staff cut in business education because of low enrollment.There are also questions relating to temporary high enrollment at the high school and low enrollment at the middle school, and sports showing increased turnout from students. (In sports, there's also a note about the district's plans to revise the athletic code of conduct, looking for help from residents.)

In his Inside Dryden column, Matt Cooper recommends the Dryden Music Boosters' April 21st Jazz Dessert Night, and reports that the Barbershop Cookbook is on the presses now.

In the Home Garden section, Cooper talks with Dryden Town Board Member David Makar about his gardening and his blogging about his garden. He got started cheaply, paid attention to the plants but didn't devote his life to them, and got a sizable return for his efforts. He also notes fellow Board Member Mary Ann Sumner's blogging and my own efforts.

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