March 8, 2007

Online Monitor differs

Reading the print edition of this morning's Journal, there's no sign of the many Dryden citations that seem to have gotten into trouble in the online edition of the Monitor. A burglary at TC3, an assault, and a second-degree rape all appear online, but not in the paper. I'm used to that for Briefly in Tompkins, but it seems odd for the Monitor.

On the opinion page, Stanley Marcus of Freeville argues that Democrats fear President Bush's success.

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Angelika said:

It's an interesting reason Mr. Marcus finds to support President Bush. With that line of argument, can I take credit for successfully protecting the population of Florida from being mauled by polar bears?

Mary Ann said:

I'm deeply disappointed with the partisan overgeneralization of our own Stan Marcus (Town of Dryden Conservation Board.) Maybe Stan got the out-of-context quote from one of many mainstream media reports such as CNN. In fact, Ambassador Holbrooke's speech opened with the question, "Why are thousands more of our troops being sent to Iraq just as British troops are planning to leave?" and went on to argue that increasing troop strength now only compounds the "catastrophic" mistake of providing insufficient troops initially and over the past four years.

Holbrooke is "intelligent" enough to have been appointed recently to the faculty of Brown University. Democrats were "intelligent" enough to support the formation of the bipartisan Iraq Study Group and the resulting recommendations. If Stan doesn't understand Democrats' proposals to end the occupation, I can point him to some answers.

The current administration has had four years of "chance[s] to succeed in Baghdad." It's long past time to stop pursuing a policy that was initially wrong and which continues to fail.