April 6, 2007

Budget and band-aids

This morning's Ithaca Journal is quiet about Dryden, but has some broader news that affects us.

There's a rundown of the $810K of member items coming to Tompkins County, and the print edition's editorial runs down - maybe runs over - the idea of property tax rebates:

While we are all for property tax reform, the Band-Aid remedies that come from Albany do nothing to solve the long-term problems of our heavy tax burden.

This latest tax rebate, while good for certain income earners, doesn't begin to solve any long-term problems and only serves to add another piece to a complicated puzzle. Some believe these tax rebates serve as nothing more than propaganda to help politicians get re-elected to Albany. Serious tax reform needs to be put on the table and implemented, not the piecemeal approach favored by our legislature.

Looking further out, there's a piece on the causes of higher oil prices.

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