April 25, 2007

Dryden Town Talk reaches 100

Ithaca Journal columnist Cathy Wakeman celebrates 100 Dryden Town Talk articles with a look forward at some coming events. There will be a student recital tonight at the Dryden Middle School/High School auditorium at 7:00pm, and a Guest Artist workshop/performance with Los Bandidos on June 6. Mary Pancoe, the Dryden Senior Citizens' "Sunshine Lady", will be honored with Dryden Sertoma's "Service to Mankind Award" on Saturday at 1:00pm; reservations are preferred. Finally, on May 5th, the Christopher W. Ackley Memorial Skateboard Park will be dedicated, with regular opening getting started on May 7th.

Sunday's motorcycle accident has unfortunately proved fatal for the driver, Dryden resident James Richards, the director of Cornell Vet School's Feline Health Center. Richards was trying to avoid hitting a cat crossing the road.

TC3 used their new baseball field on a cold and windy day.

At the county level, it looks like the county will absorb a large chunk of the cost for radio equipment upgrades for emergency service providers needed for them to connect to the new Emergency Reponse System. Dryden legislator Martha Robertson is quoted in the article as saying:

It's the right thing to do so we can fully implement the county-wide system.

The How They Voted list for the county legislature is all unanimous votes this time.

On the opinion page, Mike Lane of Dryden objects to Dryden County Legislators Martha Robertson and Mike Hattery's deciding votes against granting a farmer ag district status in the Village of Dryden:

Michael Hattery and Martha Robertson, Tompkins County legislators from Dryden, should protect the interest of farmers in their community. Instead, they voted with the majority of Tompkins County Legislature (9 to 6) to deny protection of the state's Agricultural District law for a farmer who owns land in a sparsely settled part of the Village of Dryden. It was farmed for decades, and the farmer plans to raise hay there. The votes of Hattery (in whose district the property is located) and Robertson brought the decision down against him....

Dairy Day is celebrated annually in Dryden to show community support for farmers and agriculture. Sadly, the votes of our county legislators show shallow understanding of the importance of agriculture here and give farming an undeserved black eye. They should reverse themselves.

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