April 24, 2007

More on Carter sentencing

There's a lot more in today's Journal about Jacob Carter's sentencing for assault, sexual assault, and abuse in attacks on two children in October and January. District Attorney Gwen Wilkinson asked for 43 years to life, and Judge John Rowley sentenced him to 25 years to life. Project Dryden Child is still collecting funds to assist the children and their family. Donations made out to "Project Dryden Child" may be sent to:

New Mom's Support Group
Varna Community Association
P.O. Box 4771
Ithaca, N.Y. 14852

A Dryden man is in critical condition after a motorcycle accident, and there's a further report on an Etna mobile home fire apparently caused by a coffee maker.

Need health insurance? Know someone who does? There's a guest column about an enrollment drive for programs that can help.

At the state level, a proposed campaign finance reform failed on Reform Day in the face of opposition from Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

I see from the Albany Times-Union that something potentially helpful did happen on Reform Day: the Assembly did pass some rules changes that inch them closer to being a public deliberative body with functional committees, plus ethics training.

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