May 22, 2007

Tuesday Morning News, Delivered Tuesday Night

by David Makar
for Living in Dryden

Today's Ithaca Journal featured an article and pictures of Primitive Pursuits, located at 4-H acres in Dryden on the cover of the Local section. I first heard of Primitive Pursuits through a friend of a friend, but only had a vague understanding of what they did. I saw a little more of their activities at Earth Day at the Ithaca Farmer's Market.

Two weeks ago, at the May 2007 Dryden Town Board meeting the Dryden Youth Commission made a presentation. The presentation included David Hall, the Dryden resident who created Primitive Pursuits as well as a few students enrolled in the program.

The copy from the Ithaca Journal is here:
Center: Tim Drake, center, program director with Primitive Pursuits, ignites a tinder bundle made of cedar bark Saturday during Primitive Pursuits Day at 4-H Acres in Dryden. Drake, along with several volunteers, used a giant bow drill to create hot coals that were placed in the tinder bundle to produce a fire without the use of matches. Primitive Pursuits is an environmental awareness program of the Tompkins County Cooperative Extension. Saturday's events included demonstrations and hands-on teaching of skills such as tracking, bow making, hide tanning, and making turkey calls, bone tools and stone pendants. Along with teachers from Primitive Pursuits, the event included instructors from several wilderness schools. Top right: Eric Kincaid, left, Chris Watrous and Matt Noonan perform. Bottom right: Tim Brown, center, helps Elena Fine, 8, left, make a bow as Finn Rosenfeld, 10, checks out the tension on his handmade bow.
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