June 11, 2007

Dairy Day and Pesky Caterpillars

by David Makar
for Living in Dryden

Saturday marked the 23rd annual Dryden Dairy Day. A parade kicked off at 9:30am followed by events and music at Montgomery Park from 10am to 3pm. The Ithaca Journal posted photos here:

Mary Ann Sumner blogged about it at the "Dryden Democrats Blog" with her post , "Democrats Have More Fun".

Kathy from "Dryden Daily Kaz" blogged with pictures with her post, "Dairy Day"

I blogged about it at "Dryden is Home" with the post, "Mary Ann at Dryden Dairy Day".

I've also posted a set of pictures on my flickr account here:

In other Dryden news, the Ithaca Journal covered Forest Tent Caterpillars in Ellis Hollow. I don't live in Ellis Hollow, but yesterday as I pruned back my two giant maple trees I noticed a few caterpillars climbing around the trunk of the tree. I remember these leaf eating monsters from my childhood in Massachusetts. My dad would put a band of some kind of sticky product around in a two inch ring around the tree - this was to stop the caterpillars - and also stopped my sister and I from climbing those two mighty trees.

The Ithaca Journal interestingly gets the photo credit correct with Conner Gleason's photo "A group of Forest Tent Caterpillars gather on the trunk of a tree in Dryden. While the insects can cause defoliation and reduce tree growth, they rarely kill a tree." - by noting the location of the tree (in Dryden), they give the location byline of Ithaca for the article. Then in the article they mention Ellis Hollow, Ellis Hollow Road, Ellis Highland, and Ringwood Road - all in Dryden. Perhaps since most of these roads carry an Ithaca mailing address the Journal (or Tim Ashmore) think they are in Ithaca.

Should article location bylines be for the mailing addresses or the municipality of the locations?

Read the entire article online.

Finally, Dryden Resident Harold Shepard writes to the Ithaca Journal community thanking Dryden:
As a veteran I'm sure I speak for all the veterans involved in the Memorial Day activities in Dryden. A big thank you to everyone that lined the parade route, attended the ceremony at the fountain and the open house at the Dryden Veterans Memorial Home. A special thanks to the Dryden High School Band and the other units for their participation.

Harold Shepard
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NYCO said:

"In other Dryden news, the Ithaca Journal covered Forest Tent Caterpillars..."

You don't cover Forest Tent Caterpillars; Forest Tent Caterpillars cover YOU!