June 13, 2007

Dryden vs. Dryden - ?

At first glance, today's Ithaca Journal has very little on Dryden - just this photo from Dairy Day. A closer look, though, finds a lot more.

On the opinion page, both guest columns on the ICSD budget have lead authors from Dryden - David Lee writing from the school board's perspective, and Henry Kramer writing to urge a 'no' vote. I think, however, that the Journal made a serious mistake in posting these so they look like dueling columns. The board members encourage readers to vote, but not to vote 'yes' - because they aren't allowed to do that. The result is a duel where one party has both hands tied, which doesn't make much sense.

An article on potential Empire Zone changes suggests some likely developments that should (I think) improve management of zones, including the two in Dryden.

An article generically titled Math scores remain low in N.Y. cities includes links to scores for the Dryden and Ithaca districts, among others.

Finally, Dryden residents living on Route 79 may want to know about the prospects for getting long-haul garbage trucks off their road - though the prospects aren't too bright.

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KAZ said:

You are right about the Journal's dueling columns. I have no idea why the ICSD board continually falls for this. I think it's worth a letter to the editor pointing out just what you said here.