June 18, 2007

Surveillance camera leads to burglar arrest

This morning's Ithaca Journal Monitor suggests that surveillance cameras can be useful at home when there are burglars around. An Etna man seems to have caught his neighbor on tape in his house, and the man then confessed to an earlier burglary.

Briefly in Tompkins reminds readers that the second round of Ithaca City School District budget voting will be tomorrow from noon to 9:00pm. The Dryden-Groton Intergenerational Band and Chorus will be starting rehearsals soon as well.

On the opinion page, Paula Wilson Parker of Freeville complains that "The Tompkins County Legislature isn't a team player on the USA team vs. the world's bad guys."

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Note on photos


Re: Paula Wilson and the Tompkins County Legislature. I'm fairly certain that neither the Bush Administration nor "the world's bad guys" are paying attention to the resolutions passed by the Tompkins County legislature.