July 10, 2007

Black caps

Strawberry season is ending, but there are other opportunities to enjoy.

My parents' house in Corning had a row of arborvitae with a steep slope behind. It wasn't every year, but many years there were great black raspberries back there. When we moved into this house, there were some signs of berries, but mostly it just seemed like hugely overgrown brambles.

I think last year's clearing into the forest edge made a huge difference for one set of brambles along the edge of the front yard - they're now producing lots of berries.

Black raspberries growing.
Black raspberries growing.

Black raspberries in cereal.
Black raspberries enriching my cereal.

I could talk about how they're nutritious and good for you, but the exciting part is that they're tasty. A little different from the cultivated ones, but all over Dryden and ready to pick!

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