July 28, 2007

Lightning strikes Etna, Harford

It was a busy day for area fire departments yesterday, as lightning strikes in Etna and Harford destroyed a house and a garage. Both in areas without fire hydrants, so firefighters used tanker trucks to collect water from streams and far-away hydrants.

I can't tell for certain, but this ladybug blitz looks to me like it was in the Cornell fields on Hanshaw Road near Ludgate Farms. it was either in Dryden or just across the line in the Town of Ithaca, though.

A fascinating if depressing story of a steamboat tragedy involves the Genung family and talks with one of their Freeville descendants.

There's an article on Empire Zones, looking at past controversies and local hopes. Vanguard Press is listed as a beneficiary, but there aren't any details. So far the Dryden pieces seem pretty quiet.

The Dean's List and College News highlight some Dryden residents' accomplishments, and the Monitor reports another burglary, this one at Fingerlakes Stone.

The Health Report has good news and bad for local restaurants.

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