July 10, 2007

Neighborhood nursery news

There's been a lot happening this summer at the nurseries near my house. At The Orchid Place, they've added a huge fenced and trellised area where they're growing squash on the trellis and other vegetables below. The squash is growing like crazy, and just started flowering.

Squash, a few weeks ago
Squash, a few weeks ago.

Squash, yesterday
Squash, yesterday.

I think they'll be able to harvest the squash as it hangs down from the trellis. For all the gardening we've done here lately, it's still hard for me to imagine doing things on that scale.

Across the street, I'm sad to see a for sale sign at Saunders' Greenhouse.

Saunders' Greenhouse, up for sale
Saunders' Greenhouse, up for sale.

You can see more details in the listing. I did talk with Mr. Saunders yesterday, and he didn't sound like he was in a rush to leave. He wasn't excited about selling, but was excited about a dwarf Koster Spruce in front of his store.

Spruce in a border edge
Spruce in a border edge at Saunders' Greenhouse.

On the way home I also had to take a picture of the sunset amidst the crazy storm clouds.

Sunset along 366
Sunset along 366.

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