July 13, 2007

SPCA loaded with cats

This morning's Ithaca Journal reports that the Tompkins County SPCA has 900 cats in their care right now, 300 more than last year. They're looking for people to adopt or foster cats. (I've also heard complaints from someone who tried to take cats left behind by student neighbors to the SPCA, that they're charging a lot to take in cats. The new SPCA director, Abigail Smith, will be at a Dryden Town Board meeting soon, so I guess we'll hear more on the situation.)

A Dryden man faces unsafe driving charges after an incident near Dryden Lake.

In college news, two Freeville students were inducted into honor societies at Grove City College.

The county is taking a closer look at tax-exempt property, determining whether it really should be.

At the state level, Assembly Republicans compare themselves to an endangered species. I know everyone expects the minority to complain, but I'm afraid that both the state Assembly and Senate are so severely gerrymandered that it's hard to call them representative bodies.

Finally, the Journal's editorial calls for calmer discussion on their Story Chat comments system. The first three comments responding to it aren't exactly encouraging.

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