August 10, 2007

Ask Amy visits tonight

This morning's Ithaca Journal visits Amy Dickinson, the Ask Amy advice columnist, at her home in Freeville. She'll be presenting tonight at the Dryden Village Hall to benefit the Southworth Library, though, alas, the event is sold out.

In other good Freeville news, a state grant of $3 million plus $187,000 in tax credits will help renovate the Lehigh Crossing senior-living facility. Upgrades will include elevators, accessibility improvements, and energy efficiency.

Community News reports on Dryden Ambulance winning the 2007 Central New York EMS Agency of the Year award.

The Journal's editorial reflects on the sudden interest in infrastructure caused by the Minnesota bridge collapse and how it might shift New York priorities. I wonder if they'll ever get around to printing the list of obsolete and structurally deficient bridges in Tompkins County.

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