August 22, 2007

Eating sustainably

I was happy to see a new blog spring up in Dryden, one that reinforces probably the most important part of my eating locally project: the Sustainable Food Blog. Varna resident Beth Skwarecki has written a lot about food at Loxosceles, but on the new blog she's focusing on:

food that's grown and eaten in a way that we'd all be happy to continue forever....

Here you'll find information on everything having to do with sustainability from farm to kitchen and beyond. For example, gardening tips, recipes for healthy food with seasonal ingredients, and ways of finding your local farms and CSAs. We'll be celebratory, skeptical, and above all practical.

Update: Alas, Beth is a Varna resident no longer - she just moved to Ithaca last week.

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Thanks for the link - I'm checking out her site now :-)