August 27, 2007

More local (food) discussion

I mentioned some skepticism about local food from the market-oriented side of the world. Lately I've been encountering more skepticism about local food and broader relocalization from a different set of critics.

On the Sustainable Tompkins mailing list, a New York Times op-ed ignited a skeptical thread about the value of emphasizing local food, and more recently there was a broader questioning of the value of localization without some kind of large-scale political movement and then a further look at relocalization as a strategy for dealing with likely difficult change ahead. I may have been too cranky when I wrote "I see more hope in the potluck or the barbecue than in the revolution," but we'll see how the world turns out.

On the Finger Lakes Permaculture list, a busy thread on the Eat-Local backlash brought up more interesting concerns, especially around grain.

Sure - there's lots of different cause for skepticism. That doesn't mean it's not worth doing!

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Robinia said:

OK, Simon-- that is a very interesting thread you directed us to... almost as good as the discussion of this topic on the CFAP-L (Community Food and Agriculture) list.

I'm currently working w/Tompkins Co. CCE on a GIS-mapping project of "sources of supply" in a 30 and 60 mile radius of the Ithaca Farmers' market. It is for a grant that aims to help connect small-scale wholesaling farmers with institutions (hospital, Cornell, etc.), but we will also use the retail aspect. Want to get together and check it out sometime? I think your point about folks collaborating on this is really well taken...