August 14, 2007

SPCA reduces dog fees, changes policies

A lot happened while I was in the Adirondacks. The SPCA had a half-price dog adoption weekend, moving 13 dogs into new homes. They've also changed their policies about who can adopt dogs:

While the half-price adoption offer is temporary, Smith said adoption rules have changed since February. The former rules were too stringent, and she is urging people to give the SPCA another chance.

"We're not looking for ideal homes for pets, just good, responsible pet owners," she said.

I'd heard some complaints from people who couldn't adopt at the SPCA, so hopefully this will help address that.

I'm sorry to have missed it, but the Journal visited Farm City Day at the Lew-Lin Farmin Dryden. Mary Ann Sumner posted more of a story and photos.

At the national level, the Journal profiles Dryden's new congressman, Mike Arcuri.

The opinion pages are mostly quiet, but it's good to see a laurel from the Dryden Town Board to Dryden Ambulance for their 2007 Central New York EMS Agency of the Year award.

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