August 25, 2007

Superintendent, intersection

This week's Dryden Courier just arrived. It reports on Dryden Schools Superintendent Mark Crawford's impending departure for his hometown of Hamburg, where he'll be taking the Superintendent's job.

There's also an article on the Lower Creek Road curve that's been a persistent problem for Etna resident Joseph Solomon. Cars crashing into the house, squealing tires... and perhaps worst of all, the drivers blasting through the curve are likely local traffic. The Town has a few ideas for fixing it, and I expect we'll see more public discussion at the Town Board.

There isn't much opinion on the Opinion page, just an editorial about hunting deer for herd management inspired by a recent VIllage of Lansing vote. They do, however, include the Dryden Fall Modified Sports schedule and note that Carolyn Edgecomb of Dryden made the Dean's List at the College of St. Rose.

Matt Cooper's Inside Dryden column explores using MySpace to sample the bands coming to Music in the Park, notes the Community Cafe meeting and Varna Methodist Church barbecue that were still to come when he wrote, and notes next month's Freeville Festival, which will be September 15th. He also reports on his recent adoption of a cat from the Tompkins County SPCA.

A report on the Village of Dryden Trustees meeting includes a concern over possible development overloading the Village's ailing sewer plant, a challenge made worse by the Village's not yet having reliable flow data. (That seems to be taking forever, at least from what I've heard at the Town Board.) Mike Lane raised the question of including Freeville in sewage plant discussions, and it sounds like there was some confusion over whether Freeville had been invited or not. He also thanked the board for providing space for Amy Dickinson's recent presentation benefiting Southworth Library, and noted that her publisher had agreed to make a donation of 1,000 books or the cash equivalent to the Library. The village also annexed some additional land along Route 13, including the A1 Restaurant.

There's also notice of an opening on the Dryden Youth Commission and a request for programming.

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