August 7, 2007

Walk scoring

I can't remember where I found Walk Score, but it's an interesting excercise. My house gets a 34 out of 100, while the four corners in the Village of Dryden gets a 66.

The scoring works pretty strangely in a thinly-occupied area like Dryden, but the general notion is a good one. The use of Google Maps is also pretty impressive.

(I'd be curious about what bike scores might look like. I suspect that if I absolutely had to, I could do most of my home activities with just a bicycle. Probably hard to calculate those, though.)

Posted by simon at August 7, 2007 12:35 PM in
Note on photos


KAZ said:

My walk score is 0!!! But the map did show me a hardware store on Brooktree Lane that I never knew about.

Mary Beth said:

It should be noted on the Dryden Village score that Charlie's Diner no longer exists, and that Curves has moved from the listed location (not to mention that it might not be the first fitness choice for many people).