August 4, 2007

Where to donate food?

As part of the transition to eating locally, I went through our cupboards and pulled out unopened food to give away. I'd like to give it to a food pantry, preferably a local one like the Dryden Kitchen Cupboard or the Freeville Food Pantry, but I can't find any information on how to contribute to them.

The Food Bank of the Southern Tier's page about donating food is kind of mysterious. Loaves and Fishes in downtown Ithaca is looking like my best bet, but if anyone knows how to donate to the two in Dryden, please let me know!

Posted by simon at August 4, 2007 7:10 PM in
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Kathy DeLucia said:

Hello Simon,

You can give your donation to the Freeville Food Pantry any Sunday morning before, during or after services at 9:30. Or by giving the church office a call at 844-8760 and leave a message.

Summer is a very difficult time for families. Please let me know how best to help you donate! :) I appreciate your efforts to do this locally.

Mary Ann said:

Kathy, thanks so much for the info. Can you accept donations of fresh food? In the winter when I'm planning I tend to overestimate the amount of fresh vegetables I will eat.

Patty Millard said:

Thanks, Kathy!


It's a good thing so many people read your blog!!

Unfortunately, the pantry itself does not have a website. If you search for Freeville Food Pantry, about the third link down is this link:

That's a list of all of the Tompkins County Food Pantries and their phone numbers.

Another way to donate to the Freeville Food Pantry is to contact me. I take care of all the paperwork for the pantry including applying for grants, submitting monthly statistics, ordering, etc.

Patty Millard said:

Yes! We can accept fresh food. We distribute the 2nd & 4th Mondays of each month, so close to those days would work best to avoid spoilage.

Thanks, everyone - the food made it safely to the Freeville Methodist Church yesterday morning.