September 6, 2007

Ellis Hollow apartment built with Hammond Hill wood

I couldn't remember what Ithaca Artisan, one of the business links on this site did, so I visited. Then I took a look at their piece on building a new apartment on Ellis Hollow Road, and was amazed to find the story of how they were using lumber:

from trees we salvaged from spruce logs knocked over by ice storms on Hammond Hill. Two summers ago, Charlie and our son Shawn very carefully cut these trees off from their rootstocks (which each then tipped back down with a resounding "kawomp!"), then dragged them out one by one with a small farm tractor. It then took the better part of a year on nights and weekends to saw all the logs into useable lumber with a portable Turner band saw we purchased with this project in mind. All the lumber was stacked up with air spacers in between layers according to their dimensions, and left to air dry.

There are some great things happening in Dryden!

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