October 7, 2007

A Year Worth of Flowers

We have nice neighbors. Last year I had invited a lot of people to my birthday party, more than cars would fit into our driveway, So when the birthday came, Simon went over to our neighbors across the street, The Orchid Place, and asked, if our guests could park their cars in their parking lot. Our neighbors not only allowed the parking, but they also allowed me to pick one of the orchids in their sales room as a birthday gift. I picked this beautiful red one:

Orchid, still flowering after a year.
Orchid, still flowering after a year.

The instructions for orchid care were very simple: Put on a nice, sunny window and once a week hold the pot under the faucet for watering. I always knew orchid flowers last a long time. I never expected my beautiful new orchid would keep flowering throughout the entire year, from birthday to birthday. And it is just putting up a new flowering shoot.

Thank you!!!!

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