November 28, 2007

Darfur benefit; airport bookings up

Freeville residents Siera Haley and Bec Groves-Haley appear in a picture accompanying an article on a Friday benefit for refugees in Darfur sponsored by the Northern Light Learning Center, a local home-schooling cooperative.

There's also an article on increased bookings at Ithaca airport, which quotes Tammy Graham, of AAA Stone Travel.

On the Life page, there's an article on how global warming might affect Upstate agriculture.

Update: A reader notes that I missed a story, in which Dryden resident Marty Hatch questioned the aesthetics of Cornell's proposed Milstein Hall. I've disliked this project since I first saw the drawings, and have to agree with his description of it as "a fulfillment of architectural ego without any consideration of context or public good." At least it's not in Dryden.

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